Month: January 2017

讲座: Are You an Accident of Nature?

这周四下午6-7:30在John W. Rowe 134 (UConn Storrs Campus),Storrs华人教会带英文查经的Mike弟兄会做一个关于进化论的讲座 《Are you an accident of nature》 有pizza作为晚餐 欢迎大家邀请朋友一同参加 谢谢

Lecture: Are You an Accident of Nature?


What is my purpose in life? What happens when I die? How can I have hope? What can science teach me about these questions?……


When:     6PM-7:30PM, Thursday January 19, 2017

Where:    John W. Rowe 134 (UConn Storrs Campus)

Food:      Free pizza (email: so we can get a headcount for pizza)

Speaker: Mike Derewianka (Master graduate of UConn in 1982)


Are you a robot?

If chemistry and physics determined everything, then every thought you will ever think has already been predetermined by the laws of chemistry. You would be just a robot, your thoughts a slave to the laws of chemistry. You would have no free will.  But you are not a robot. You can make real choices. God formed a spirit in you. You are a spiritual being in a physical body.


Free Choice & Self-Awareness

Your spirit gives you the freedom to choose. It also makes you self-aware. Science can’t explain either your free will or your self-awareness. Mere chemicals are not self-aware. Your spirit comes from a spiritual God and lives forever. You are a moral being. You are accountable to your Creator.



Three laws of science prove that you are an accident of nature:

  1. Information science – proves that information does not happen by chance.
  2. 2nd Law of Thermodynamics – things move to less order.
  3. Chemistry – prevents life from starting in nature.



The theory that nothing (Big Bang) organized itself into everything in violation of known laws of information science, chemistry, thermodynamics.


Evolution is the theory that life happened by chance and that one kind of species evolved into a very different kind by chance mutations plus natural selection. Evolutionists’ conclusions rely on subjective interpretations and guesses that violate proven scientific laws. They lack scientific rigor.


This lecture features a video interview with famous evolutionist Richard Dawkins answering the question of how life got started.UConn President Susan Herbst has publicly honored Mr. Dawkins.



Please come hear a free lecture that will scientifically falsify the theory of evolution.  It will use scientific evidence to point you to your Creator and be a starting point to answering the questions of meaning and eternal life. It will give you hope and may change your life forever.